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Dear friends, ladies and gentlemen

In 2002 has come to life a new idea which grew into a work by an event which aims to represent the general public (both domestic and foreign) of our most successful, most respected, most beloved, in a word - most women of the XXI century. To this admirable title nominated by queens from different fields - BUSINESS, SPORT, ESTRADA, media, politics and so on. As many already know, the very system of electing the nominees and the winner of the very end is so designed that they are the elect by ballot a simple questionnaire that can be found in the section of our site where the list of nominees. In this way it avoids any doubt about the correctness of the final choice award winner. How good is the original idea was about the organization of such a ceremony showed the response of the media and women themselves, so that the award of recognition 2002nd Whatever.attended the most important and famous people from cultural and public life of Serbia and representatives of most major media. The next celebration was held the same type 2007th long as its organization and glamor surpassed the first, proving not onlyjustified but also the necessity of its existence. However, this event would not have had such success when the significance behind its main goal - to award the title of MOST women - would not have wings and some other benefits. I will mention just a few ofthem:

- Interconnection with the aim of winning their joint energy projects and further increase their contribution to society, each in his field

- Connecting people from the nut, the region and abroad (among themselves and with the winners) and other common business interests.

- The ability to reach a variety of useful information that will contribute to further professional and personal growth of all participants

- For potential sponsors, and more brilliant than the favorable opportunity to promote their own products, and that no intermediary costs and communicate with many people who may achieve significant business ventures.

- And of course, in the end, his presence at one of the most famous ceremony of its kind in Serbia itself would lend itself to remember one evening, perhaps a favorite in the future of your collection of memories ..

Hoping that maybe you are in this fair story in which all parties benefit to recognize their own interests - as a guest or a sponsor - I cordially greet you and look forward to meeting you.

For the Agency,