Dear friends, ladies and gentlemen,

    "Welcome to the world's most successful, best, in a world favorites people" full reflects our aspirations and the desire to allow the Serbian public is another in a series of contacts with well-known global and local brands in its services and activities. The event, which holds international significance, in many ways justifies of great marketing event in South East Europe.

First of all confirm that the outstanding organizer APRIL LEVEL in the right way to deal with continuity problems - Featured - and create a tradition that reaches beyond the already seen the event on the local scene.

Thanks to us, they are all more talk, but more importantly, in terms of sex women have more and more progress and success, even in an international context with what the building proglasnje originated in Serbia.

Roundtable and expert autoritetne except women to sit down and be as one of the best of all. The woman was one - Feature - just because it emphasizes the absolute independence, their power is to be independent, or to make a choice.

With you we can see, the exchange and assess who is good, better, best...South East Europe, Serbia and the West are areas of large and dynamic change. Event such as Top Women need a brand and consumers which is in direct communication, share information. Agency concept meets the requirements to make this demanding implemented successful communication. During these eight years as we are together, we became friends who encourage each other to be getting better and better, you creators, users, audience and we who arranges a meeting because you like someone said, " the goal of the game is to get the next job "

It is a story about them, how their name became synonymous with the profession which they do. In this story, they share secrets with the audience discover what it is charisma. how to become legends of the century.