Organizer - Agency AIRLI NIVO

Topic: Help women from Kosovo and Metohija

  SOS opening lines (for psychological help). Assistance to displaced persons and kindapovanim. Building a Safe House for Women of K and M, (where even the women had employment).

Day meeting: 17.08.2008 at Tanjug press center.

  With years of experience in the preparation and organization of major events, the Agency AIRLI LEVEL decided to hiring quality realization of the approach. The idea of humanitarian assistance on the above topics, the participants explained NAIVOUENIJE XXI CENTURY WOMEN. The general public know that this is a set of the most prominent creators in various fields: Ekomomija, economy, culture, sport, art, politics and many other activities. Feature entertainment program with the purpose to collect more funds from the guests present and many successful institutions whose representatives will attend the evening and give my opinion and a message to women from Kosovo and Metohija, and thus proved to be really the most.