Mila Ristić

Decorative cosmetics "AURA"


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Vesna Marinković Mićić


Personality whose success no doubt, exceptional, first of all this as | she does. The owner of a private practice in which the merged traditional and modem medicine, it is "Vitalis" clinic with a reputation for the best and most successful private medical practice in our country. Acupuncture She became a great professional challenge because it treats people in general, it is not therapy, it is a healthy way of life. It offers a life without pain and risk. Treating diseases from A to Z, even those where he abandoned classical medicine. She is confident and determined and has no competition, because it offers more and treated better. Dr. Vesna Marinkovic Micic is also chairman of the association akupunktologa Serbia. It it a model wife and mother of two children, the author of books on apukungturi, the woman who almost magic sticking small needles and returns life.

Đina Ranđić

Humanist - Clinic center of Serbia

Edita Tomić

Monthly "House style"


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Dragana Mirkovic

Liljana Habjanović Đurović

Aleksandar Rapajić Milošević

Jasmina Knežević

Jelena Tomašević

Zlata Stepanov

V.P. igračaka "M-PLAST"

Kosovka Marinković Stošić


Snežana Lakićević Stojačić

Policy - democratic party

Sanja Bulatović Pivan

P.R. Manager - "MARBO"


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Vesna Čipčić


Radmila Bakčević

Opera diva

Ljubinka Grubor

Metal furniture - Metal linex


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Ljiljana Đorđević Vilija

Faculty of industrial management Kruševac, Songwriter


Vesna Stanojević

Tatjana Vojtehovski Stepanov

P.R. Manager - TV Pink

Jelena Bačić Alimpić

Announcer - TV Pink

Biljana Rodić

Business humanist

woman leader. President of "Rodic MB. Direktod Ltd." Rodic MB C0 Novi Sad. Top Women in Business 2001th year. This title more than any compliment is about it. It is characterized by the humanitarian work. She loves to travel, do not hold the position. But, above all responsible. An elegant and interesting. One of the pillars of humanitarian prosedea in Yugoslavia and in the world. Comparable strength of will. Compelling phenomenon. Precise style. Great kindness and intelligence.