Radmila Hrustanović


Most famous Beogradjanka. Honorable lady. By profession a lawyer. Member of the City Council, anti-war and anti-nationalist desire. One of the founders of the Women's Political Network. Seven months was at the head of Studio B, from June to the function of President of the Belgrade City Assembly. Women for the twenty-first century. Circuit gentle woman, a mother, a fighter, a winner. Deserves and that it exceeds the plaque was presented.

Dragana Del Monako

Opera diva

and stature and voice, and appearance and energy, a woman who attracts attention to the stage in life. Soloist of the National Theater. She sang all over the world. She won many awards. Permanent guest Bonn, Sicily, Venice and other capital of opera. Everywhere gladly and willingly accepted expectations, and here with us in the first place. Beloved women. Opera artist, who was overshadowed with the law of other concurrence, Dragana del Monaco.

Natalija Marko

PR manager - banker

from Novi Sad. Works in the Vojvodina banci. Po psiholog. Svoj She is professional work began as psihoterapeut. Zatim has been a consultant in the field of psychology marketing, management and communication, and analyst and researcher of public mnjenja.Saradjivala with numerous individuals, groups, companies, NGOs and advertising agencies. The bank is the Vojvodina in 1996, first as an associate for research and development, then as a psychologist of the Bank, but after two years of marketing managers to perform tasks. In her opinion, the success of every company, including banks, building people, it is rade.Zato feels partly responsible for some of the success that the Bank postigla.Smatra that her bank has provided opportunities to develop at different life planovimalato the Vojvodina Bank for hersecond home. According to experts, this year's report, Finance Central Europe, Vojvodina Bank has been named the best bank. So who is Natasha Marko? Natalya Mark's marketing manager, the best bank in our country.

Dragana Dojcinović

Electronic media

From 1994 to the Holding company "S Group, composed of the same year started work and worked with in the last few years most popular radio station in the Republic of Serbia. At the beginning of his career sewed as marketing manager in the marketing center of Holding Company. 1998 Board of S Group, has appointed a director and chief editor of Radio S, a function which still holds. When Taekwondo as a martial art, be real in our country, served as technical secretary JugosIavije. Have Taekwondo Federation in the form of top quality Yugoslav athletes, and success in the field of sport management has decided to acquire additional knowledge in the management of a sports academy in Belgrade. The duty of the Secretary of humanitarian organizations, the Center for Peace and Tolerance, which is the main goal of care and assistance to refugees and displaced persons, she was conscious and committed.

Žana Pantović

Fashin house Elipsa

She was educated in Belgrade, working on many textile factories, the capacity of acquiring real design at fairs and shows around the world. For twenty years the head of the creative team own design center and the owner of the garment, "Ellipse" from the King. Employs 120 permanent employees in our own factory, often engaging, and other plants that, under the patronage of its products for the garment "Ellipse." Ready-made ‘Ellipse’ has its own network of 17 facilities where small shopping Zanin designs and creations of its creative team can buy, and it is in Serbia from Subotica to Krusevac. Until now, the clothes, "Ellipse" meet and dressed 2.000.000 satisfied customers in our country and of its production is exported and Germany. Creative team headed by Mrs. Pantovic winner of numerous honors and awards, among which we must mention: S "Hind" in the Belgrade fair fashion, "Golden Simonida" in Leskovac Fashion Fair, "Gold Star for the creation" in Banja Luka, a special award "Best Fashion House ", 2" Gold Button "at the fashion fairs in Novi Sad and a favorite of recognition "NAJVOUENIJA XXI CENTURY WOMAN". In addition to these fairs clothes "Ellipse" under the leadership of Mrs. Pantovic was exhibited several times in Dusseldorf in Germany and Ruazanju in Russia. Jean is not only good est hate, successful manager and owner, manager.

Olivera Marković


Was born 1925th in Belgrade. MA in acting 1952nd in Belgrade. A son, Goran, loves nature and Serbian spa and as she says Gulf old and new friends. Truly a woman for twenty-first century.

Dana Radić

KTV - Zrenjanin

Duška Dragičević

Prima ballerina

1982nd year - involved in the Ballet of the National Theater. 1991st year - given the title of champion. The first roles in ballets: Peer Gynt (M. Atanasiu), The Legend of Ohrid (D. Parlic), Triumph of Aphrodite (M. Sparemblek) Lake Swan (D. Parlic), Peter Pan (V. Kostic), Giselle (L. Lavrovsky), (armen (V. Logunov), Samson and Delilah (L. Pilipenko), Don Quixote (V. Logunov), Resurrection (L. Pilipenko), (oppelia (D. Parlic), Lady of the (amellias (L. Pilipenko), Romeo and Juliet (A. Seker), Seherezada (L. Pilipenko), Bahcisarajska fountain (R. Kljavin), Wolves (D. Sayffert), Images (L. Pilipenko), Autumn Spray (V. Logunov), Dr.Diekil and mr.Hajd (V. Logunov), Poet Tchaikovsky (L. Pilipenko), Odysseus (L. Lambrou), Queen Margot (K. Simic). The chamber opera Madlenijanum present lowland game - Golden Bird (K. Simic). Visits to the ballet of the Theater: Hungary, Italy, Macedonia, Slovenia, Cyprus. Visits with Chamber Opera Madlenijanum: Russia.

Isidora Bjelica


Writer, producer, toreador, MA filmologije, trend setter, mother, master of the scandal, the Duchess, the most controversal Serbian author. Serajka, Beogradian women in the world. Is the author of nineteen books, most of the best seller. The last of them are till in your ears I'm sure, "Cyber Aristotle", "Women's Stories", "Virtual whore" .... Author of phenomenal film "Dorcol Manhattan". A beautiful, eloquent, without hair on language ... An example of a woman twenty-first century.

Tanja Elezović


Beogradanka, married mom Nicholas and John, once captain of the women's volleyball club team and the workers’ 9 '9 i representation. Business glittering career has just begun at the Hotel Intercontinental, said as a training manager and only received a certificate in Yugoslavia corporation Inter continental Hotel and Resorts "of passing the exam. Training Manager, Director of the Genex apartments since 1999. year. Visits apartments will make you secure in its pleasant and businesses. She won the October prize. The woman's winner. Women of the XXI century. Beloved among women.

Suzana Mančić


Beogradjanka unit, born under the sign of Skopje. Always brilliant pupils, Vukovac finished Law School, speaks English and Russian language. Before end of high school she started singing. In first of all from groups: Trace, Doug and May, but soon began solo career Subotica winning the festival of young talents. After the first big hit Mirror, mirror, the media got a new star. Testify many front pages, radio and TV shows, interviews, festivals: Spring Belgrade, Split, entertainer in Czechoslovakia (and prize for interpretation), then tour the Soviet Union in TV is increasingly engaging in entertainment programs, where acting, singing and dancing. All this for a moment fall in the shade gambling lotto. Pet TV time, the drawing of lottery balls will change her life forever and mark it. But the lottery is not stop her. Filmed plate (total 11), movies: Zika dynasty, Picnic, Cao inspectors and promised world. All is respected as announcer. Lead festivals and spectacles show business throughout the country: Belgrade spring, your hit season, Venn persons (Sarajevo), Oscar popularity, confuse, Hit parade. Wins their emissions, such as the weekly afternoon, the Belgrade TV and alarm clock, who went 3 seasons on the second channel.

Biljana Rodić

Business humanist

woman leader. President of "Rodic MB. Direktod Ltd." Rodic MB C0 Novi Sad. Top Women in Business 2001th year. This title more than any compliment is about it. It is characterized by the humanitarian work. She loves to travel, do not hold the position. But, above all responsible. An elegant and interesting. One of the pillars of humanitarian prosedea in Yugoslavia and in the world. Comparable strength of will. Compelling phenomenon. Precise style. Great kindness and intelligence.

Anđelija Arbutina

Basketball player

Merima Njegomir

Folk singer

It is not necessary to be a leading figure of our stage podium. Bright stars of heaven and traditional Yugoslav folk music. Twenty years in the entertainment heaven, she carefully selected repertoire, and the color of his voice touches and charm even those firmest hearing. Her voice is the most beautiful gift of nature that is different from birdie singer trees in the rich local music scene. There are over fifty awards. Carried out thousands of concerts. collaborated with the most eminent orchestras and recorded 20 boards for PGP RTS. The greatest success and pride of the successful women still have her four children, as she proudly expires. Ljubica, Jelena, Milica and Mark can be proud of Mom champion.

Olivija Ivanjicki


painter, sculptor, draftsman, the real lady, beauty. Won many awards, it would be funny to list them. American student. Study visits to Italy, France, England, Spain. Innumerable number of independent exhibitions. Krista skillful and interesting phenomenon. A woman who through their work leaves no one indifferent. Artists and show business stars, all about the power of her talent and her magical appearance.

Božen Zumbor

Lider of alegeology

His managerial skills Ms. Bozen for 14 years successfully placed, complementing its beauty and health program in more than S0 locations in Serbia, the Serbian Republic, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina Business plans are many, but by then Ms. Bozen message would be: Be healthy, beautiful, enjoy nature, people, enjoy yourself and we'll cherish what is best and what gives us life. Bozen cosmetics companies already successfully operating for 14 years as a leader in the field alegeology cosmetics and dietetics. Well-known beyond the borders of our country's motto has built its business through quality business, management of highly educated in various fields. The success of Bozen Cosmetics management experts explain the proper selection of products, profiled business philosophy, developed the company's corporate culture. Moto Miss Bozen is: Do the best, Risk, tactile immunity, take from nature what she will come back as healthy, cherished and happy people on a personal and a business plan. www.bozencosmetics.com

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Suzana Balašević Radojnović

Директорка у компанији "Центар Балашевиц из Београда.2002 god.

It all started two decades ago, after returning from the capital of world fashion-Parizana. U start a small tailor's action, guided experience Dragan and Slobodanke Balasevic. Hard work soon after work began to expand, increasing production and opening the first retail object. Today, fashion houses * Williams * comprises 9 retail shops with over 50 employees in Belgrade and extensive wholesale network across world. Kreativne Biljana Balasevic ideas with enthusiasm accept all generations. As for the success of a large amount of energy required, Dragan and l am an athlete, his idea to build a sports center, and until 1995, then converted to reality. This fashion, sports and recreation center has a large number of tennis courts, football, halls various sports, and modem equipped gym. Offer is completed with 14 Luznih apartments for accommodation of guests, a coffee bar and a restaurant with national specialty. Conditions offered, could envy many facilities of its kind in the world. A whole sports center operates under the direction of the youngest member of this successful family, Suzane. Easy very young, his experience in the building, Suzanne daily supplemented with additional education in the field of management, hotel and catering. Last years of its successful operation was crowned a large

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Goca Tržan

POP singer

For a small number of years of on the scene, has achieved great success, sighs and fans. We keep track of the joint statement from the group TAP011, and then a solo career, when he really proved that the lady of pop music. We are enchanted with her style, sense of humor, kindness, color, voice, its not maintain energy that is always launched at the center of attention. She says that for myself, I am headstrong, stubborn, valuable, difficult, emotional The full figure, complete artist. From paragraph to the end, the love to the end, life at the top! Goca.

Mirjana Stanković


Managing Director of Stock tourist board passenger. He was elected to a number of functions in tourist and governmental organizations. Assembly of Yugoslavia, travel agencies, was vice president of the governing. Board tur.org. Serbia, and the Minister for Tourism and hospitality of the Republic of Serbia. The bearer of important awards. Declared more 1994th the most successful female manager in category of mixed enterprises. Twelve years at the head of Travelers. She loves flowers, theater, classical music and jazz. A lovely gentle lady. Flower of the Serbian business in catering. Big fan of your Mine too sweet granddaughter.

Vesna Marinković Mićić


Personality whose success no doubt, exceptional, first of all this as | she does. The owner of a private practice in which the merged traditional and modem medicine, it is "Vitalis" clinic with a reputation for the best and most successful private medical practice in our country. Acupuncture She became a great professional challenge because it treats people in general, it is not therapy, it is a healthy way of life. It offers a life without pain and risk. Treating diseases from A to Z, even those where he abandoned classical medicine. She is confident and determined and has no competition, because it offers more and treated better. Dr. Vesna Marinkovic Micic is also chairman of the association akupunktologa Serbia. It it a model wife and mother of two children, the author of books on apukungturi, the woman who almost magic sticking small needles and returns life.

Liljana Habjanović Đurović

Mirajana Bobić Mojsilović


for twenty years in the Yugoslav journalist went all genres of journalism, media, and various political situations. Started as girls in the Youth newspaper, wrote to then for almost all the Yugoslav and Serbian news. Was a columnist Punt, Long, Our The fighting, the weekly Telegraph, the editor of the Bank, interview, author and presenter once most wached talk-show show, they were: The story other times two, (lose Encounters ofthe Art of Living. After S October 2000. For a short time was the editor of Cultural entertainment RTS. Don't never been a member of any party, never had a high social position, and he never got no social recognition. She has published books: Grandmother, do anything you ask me, the novel: Log Serbian housewives, who has had 19 editions and translated into French and Italian, the novel: Happy End, which is currently on the bestseller list in many of Belgrade‘s bookstores. The author is a drama: Tears are OK, at the National Theater in Belgrade, and mono-drama: Verica among the plums in the Atelier 212, with Svetlana Bojkovic in the title role, which is at the Festival 2001. Rewarded mono-drama and pantomime in Zemun. Free the artist, and deals with literature and publishing. www.mirjanabm.com

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